Poem Selection

Note: When the children write out the poems PLEASE ensure that the titles are not written all in caps, nor are they underlined.



Class A

Poem in my Pocket

by Tony Mitton

In my pocket, feeling round,
what can this be that I’ve found? 

Pull it out to see and — ooh!
Look: a poem, just for you.

‘My Hat and all That’ , poems by Tony Mitton (pub. Corgi Yearling 2006) p. 37

Class B

Hippopotamus dancing

by Brian Moses

In the Hippo House
at the city zoo,
hippos are moving
to the boogaloo,
big hippos shuffle
little hippos trot,
everyone giving it
all they've got.

‘Hippopotamus Dancing’ verse 1

Class C

My Hat

by Tony Mitton

Here's my hat.
It holds my head,
the thoughts I've had
the things I've read.

it keeps out the wind.
It keeps off the rain.
it hugs my hair,
and warms my brain.

There's me below it,
the sky above it.
It's my lid.
And I love it.

Class D

The Writer of this Poem

by Roger McGough

The writer of  this poem
Is taller than a tree
As keen as the north wind
As handsome as can be

As bold as a boxing-glove
As sharp as a nib
As strong as scaffolding
As tricky as a fib

As smooth as a lolly-ice
As quick as a lick
As clean as a chemist-shop
As clever as a tick

The writer of this poem,
Never ceases to amaze
He's one in a million billion
(or so the poem says)

Class E

My Running Shoes

by Michael Rosen

My running shoes are on the run
they've escaped from the room they were in
My running shoes are on the run
they're heading for the bin.

My running shoes are no good
I know that that's what they think
My running shoes are no good
they know they're starting to stink.

My running shoes are ashamed
They've decided it's best to go
My running shoes are ashamed
but they think that I don't know.

But oh I know all about them
I know that they're ashamed
I know all about them, oh yes,
it was something my socks explained.