Poem Selection

Note: When the children write out the poems PLEASE ensure that the titles are not written all in caps, nor are they underlined.



Class A

I miss my sister

by Kenn Nesbitt

I miss my sister all the time.
For her it's not the same.
She never misses me at all.
She has a better aim.

© Kenn Nesbitt. http://www.poetry4kids.com/

Class B

One, Two, Three

Traditional poem

One, two, three,
Daddy caught a flea.
Put it in a teapot
To make a cup of tea.

The flea jumped out,
Mummy gave a shout,
And in came Billy
With his shirt hanging out.

Class C

Trick or Treat

by Gareth Lancaster

Haunted houses,
Curdling screams,
Freezing bats, torn at the seams!

Full white moon,
Dripping candles,
Roaming forgetful zombie vandals!

Gnarled old trees,
Tossed in the breeze.
Cold ghosts shivering, knocking their knees!

Trick and treating,
From door to door,
Not enough sweets, I must have more!!!

© Gareth Lancaster fizzyfunnyfuzzy.com

Class D

Entrants for this Class can write out their own choice of a poem or write out the poem for Class C. If children choose their own poem, please advise them that it should fit on one side of a piece of A4, which can be portrait or landscape. The lines should also not be too long (nor too short!).

Class E

Big Dreams

by April Halprin Wayland

The scruffy house cat
aches to fly—
she dreams all day of
wings and sky!

So tonight
she climbs the ladder,
mounts a platform,
nothing matters

except to catch
a thin trapeze
then hold on tight
with grace and ease.

She swings herself
by both front paws
then somersaults
to wild applause

of kitchen mice,
who, though dizzy,
encourage Cat,
to keep her busy.

April Halprin Wayland, "Big Dreams" from Give Me Wings. Copyright © 2010 by April Halprin Wayland.
Reprinted by permission of April Halprin Wayland.
Source: Give Me Wings (Holiday House, 2010)