Take part

We’re delighted you’d like to join in the 2019 National Schools’ Handwriting Competition and we hope you enjoy taking part.

To enter, children should copy out the poem for their relevant class in their best and neatest handwriting on a piece of A4 paper (the paper can have faint lines which do not detract from the handwriting; paper can be portrait or landscape). Children aged 8 and under may use pencil if they prefer.

Four of the five classes in the competition are asked to write out a set poem for their entry; children aged from 11–13 can choose their own poem if they wish or write out the poem for Class D.

Most of this year’s poems were chosen by last year’s overall School Winner – St Bernard’s Preparatory School, Slough, Berks. We hope you like them!

The closing date for receipt of entries is 11 March 2020.

Entry fees

  1. 50p per pupil for SATIPS member schools
  2. 1 pound per pupil for non-member schools

Cheques made payable to SATIPS and attached to entry


  1. It is very important that first and surname, age at the time of writing and school postcode are written on the back of each entry.
  2. Please do not write any personal information on the front of the entry nor the school name anywhere as these entries will have to be disqualified, and they could have been a winner.
  3. Once you have all the entries for your school, please put them carefully in age groups (all 4 year olds together, all 5 year olds together etc.) irrespective of whether the children are in the same class.
  4. Please send a complete list of the names of all the children who have entered, and their ages, and all staff entries (ages not necessary!) on headed school paper.
  5. Gather everything together and send them in along with your completed entry form.